[Work in progress] Roland SPD-SX Cheat sheet

Note: numbers correspond to page numbers in the SPD-SX manual

Quick reference for setting up the Roland SPD-SX for playing live. I frequently forget where things are in the menu, and this should hopefully serve as a quick reference. This includes how to ensure that backing tracks always play at a consistent volume independent of how hard you hit the pad, how to chain a click track to a backing track and only output the backing track to headphones, and how to ensure that playing a beat on the SPD-SX will not cause the backing track to stop (if the settings are incorrect, this will happen, as the SPD-SX has only so much working memory until it will stop the tracks played at the beginning of the queue, which will be your backing tracks). Also, make sure that a second hit of the backing track will turn it off, not start from the beginning - this is especially useful if you have more than one backing track on a kit, and you need to rescue yourself in the event you hit the wrong pad while playing live.

Specifying How the Wave is Sounded

Setting up the sound for audio tracks:

Making pad output to headphones only (click)

Menu > Kit > Output

Sync wav with click

Pad Volume

Setting the kit tempo based on the wave tempo

Set List ()

Preventing too many triggered sounds from shutting off the backing track: